Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Cardinal Burke!

This was written by my Dad in the form of an email: 

I think there is much more than initially meets the eye regarding Cardinal Burke.
Either Pope Francis is being incredibly clever/strategic/Jesuit(!) or the Holy Spirit is busy, or hopefully both!

Surely, if you wanted to either ‘punish’ Cardinal Burke or sideline him, you would move him to some hideous archdiocese in the US full of liberals, so the ensuing chaos took up all his time and took him off the map (and probably produced endless bad PR for the Cardinal)? Moving him to a ‘ceremonial position’ where he is the Head of the only ‘military’ order remaining, with a castle in the middle of the Med, 13,500 Knights and dames (mainly traditional), and direct (not through the Vatican) diplomatic links with 104 countries, does not seem very sensible, unless the Pope and the Holy Spirit want his views to be widely heard and influential. He is also right in the middle of old Catholic Europe, with a highly influential body of supporters from the upper European Catholic echelons. I think it has largely been a ceremonial post in the past as a ‘pensionable’ position, but I rather think Cardinal Burke (and perhaps the Pope) see it differently.

The order covers Malta, Rhodes and Jerusalem! I think we should all join the Knights and fight the good fight!!!! 

So, we all need to join the knights of Malta! Just think, if half of the people who signed the petition/thank you letter to Cardinal Burke were to ask knights they know to propose them for membership or whatever the entrance procedure is (This was all I could find), then the number of knights would double!

The castle of the knights of Malta!

(I am sorry about not posting anything for so long, but I hope I am back now!)

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