Saturday, 15 March 2014

Oratorian as new auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham!

Today, at 11 in the morning,  His Holiness the Pope,  announced a new auxiliary Bishop for Birmingham. He has chosen Fr Robert Byrne, a Priest of the Oxford Oratory to be the new Bishop.
Thank you St Philip Neri,
Thank you Bl John Henry,
Thank you Our Lady,
Thank you Pope Francis,
and Thank you God!
(Not in any particular order!)
See here.

N.b. My Birthday cake was a total failure... It was meant to be a biretta...But way too much black food colouring played havoc with the taste!! One occasion when I was unable to eat my hat! (Sorry that was terrible)


  1. Next time you bake a cake styled on a biretta Charlie, you might like to consider the Norbertines! Happy Birthday BTW.

  2. The voice of liturgical culinary expertise!! Thanks for the tip Richard. Fortunately my sister Maria had made an (edible) back up! Due to bitter experience of birthdays past.!