Sunday, 16 March 2014

Giant Chemistry Experiment

Next week's science is shaping up nicely as our weekend digging to set up a new vegetable plot revealed a sizeable coal seam right underneath where our rhubarb and Jerusalem artichokes are  supposed to be going. The digging had its own drama, the air resounding with screams every time a worm was dug up....and that was just Dad!! One of my sisters who is not afraid of anything (except dead things killed by the cats) , kept up morale with "come on, you're never gonna make farmers if you're afraid of worms!" ...We broke a spade on the coal before Dad realised he'd found a solution to all our heating bills. We're going to dig some up and burn it tomorrow if you hear about it on the news, you'll know it's all gone horribly wrong. I've never been that keen on rhubarb crumble anyway.

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