Tuesday, 18 February 2014

In a great and noble tradition...

The time of year is coming up when a cake related to the liturgy makes an appearance as my birthday cake.  Here are some shots of the past two years efforts:
The cake of two years ago, meant to represent the high Altar at the Oratory. I even based the Altar Cards after a particular set that they have there...

However, I don't think it made it on to my blog...

The Papal Tiara of last year.

Seeing as you guessed what the cake was so easialy last year, this year I'm going to ramp up the difficulty, and not put a picture of it here! (Another reason being that I haven't yet made it...) I shall give you a clue, by saying that it falls in the same category as both of my previous attempts! The answer shall go up later this week!

Ad Multos Annos... To me!


  1. Happy Birthday, Charlie. I'm looking forward to seeing the cake. I've never seen an edible Sedia Gestatoria.

  2. very nice cakes charlie!!!