Sunday, 8 September 2013

Bishop urges people to go to Confession...

And Priests to hear confessions!!! In a Pastoral Letter today, His Grace Archbishop Bernard Longley asked Priests to hear confessions and people to go to confession. Very Fr. Z! If only the letter was online... (I did check.)


  1. Attended the so-called "international" Mass here this morning, which is really Mass in English for ex-pats living here and for holidaymakers. The tone was set by the use of the "clap" Gloria. Oh - to have a quiet EF mass.

  2. Charlie, I have just been sent a copy of the Ordinariate Rite of Holy Mass (by Fr. John Lungley). The Offertory Prayers are fascinating - two froms, both in traditional English - one, in effect the EF, and the other the OF. The only Eucharistic Prayer given is the Roman Canon, and there is a clear presumption that Holy Mass is offered Ad Orientem.
    Meanwhile, the church where I am attending Holy Mass most days is rather modern; certain aspects of the sacred liturgy are not exactly to taste; but everywhere that a priest/minister stands to give Holy Communion is provided with a prie-dieu, and quite a number of people kneelf for Holy Communion. Also, there is perpetual adoration.
    See you soon,
    Fr. S. G.