Tuesday, 9 July 2013


While I was at Gricigliano, several debates came up... One of the major ones was about the benefits of the LMS. As far as I could hear, these were considered to be few....but as I was listening to two conversations at once,  and also half asleep, I may be mistaken... Another one was whether smoking is the sin of suicide. And....before you stub your cigarettes out, it was decided that it was not.  Yet another was about which calendar was better, that of 1939, or that of '62... That was inconclusive.
Yet more debate took place in the sacristy of the Birmingham Oratory on Sunday,  between one of the Fathers and the MC . This was about whether the ICKSP are too baroque!.. The MC accused the Father of just being jealous,  and I think that he was probably  right!

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  1. Dear Charlie J, Smoking is a bit like Russian Roulette: some smokers will die as a direct result of their indulgence in the habit, others won't (or will only do so indirectly). Whether or not it can be classed as a form of suicide is an open question, but it is certainly bad both for the smoker and for anyone unfortunate enough to be downwind of him or her (especially asthmatics, pregnant women and small children), and the lack of consideration both for one's own health and for other people's wellbeing make it at best morally dubious. I feel quite strongly about this because by the time I was your age I was already a committed smoker, and remained one for over 30 years, only giving up when a severe attack of bronchitis made every puff a painful agony! When I started almost every adult was a smoker, and cigarettes were routinely handed out at social functions. Parents and schoolmasters would discourage their charges from taking the practice up (and punish them when they did so), but as most of them were addicts themselves their attitude appeared rather hypocritical, and one took little notice. Nowadays teenagers are less likely to have smokers among those set over them or to whom they look up, and those one sees smoking in public are not the sort of people one would naturally admire or wish to imitate, so perhaps things are easier for your generation than they were for mine. God bless you and keep you.