Thursday, 30 May 2013

Happy feast day!

Happy feast day to all my readers! And a even happier one if you live in a country where this great feast hasn't been transferred to a Sunday! Today has two of the most beautiful office hymns, the Verbum supernum and the Pange lingua... I can't decide what I like more, the Pange lingua, the Verbum supernum, the Creator alme siderum, or the Veni Creator Spiritus... Just for good mesuare here are videos of all four!!!

The Veni Creator Spiritus (There may or may not be an advert before it, but the chant makes it worth it!) I think that this might be my favourite...
The Creator alme siderum. Again there may be an advert, and I think it uses a slightly different version of the hymn (Pre Urban VII or whatever,) but is incredibly beautiful...
The Pange Lingua... Again there may be an advert... Or mabe this one is my favourite... Go here for the Verbum supernum, and go to 26:40 of Laudes, unless you want to listen to the whole of it... If you do listen to the whole of it, remember that it is the Monastic office, so there are some changes like Ps. 66 at the start, Ps. 148, 149 and 150 at the end...
Please vote in the poll in the sidebar and say which you like most! If you prefer another one, please leave a comment. You have until the Octave day of Corpus Christi to vote!
Oh, and there will be a solemn High Mass at the Birmingham Oratory, followed by a prossesion of the Blessed Sacrement around Church at 7pm.


  1. A Happy Feastday to you also Charlie. Our Missa Cantata and Procession is the same time as yours so I shall remember you and your family especially in my prayers.

  2. Charlie - no mention of Lauda Sion salvatorem?

    A happy feastday to you, anyway. Sorry I couldn't get to the O.