Monday, 8 April 2013

Totum Breviary!

No, I haven't got a 1964 all English Benziger brothers one, but rather one from slightly earlier. Ok, actually quite a bit earlier, 1902 to be precise!Now for some photos!

Today's proper.

Imprimatur given by Cardinal Richelmy.
 £28 off eBay and £4 P&P!

Look at the difference in the gilding on a 3 or 4 year old book, and that on a 112 year old book!


  1. A very nice book - make good use of it. You'll want to bear in mind that there were some big changes to the Breviary in 1911, especially to the ordering of the psalms.

  2. Dear Mr Forster, thanks for this; I was aware of this; do you know, though, which edition would be closer to the monastic office? Thanks in advance for this, Charlie

  3. Charlie, Your pre-1911 is probably closer to the Monastic Office, but even so there are significant differences in the arrangement of the Psalms. You can compare them, if you like, at which gives the choice of six different versions of the day's office, including the Monastic, pre-1911, post 1911, and later variations.

    In the Monastic Office, the bulk of the psalms are said or sung at Matins, with a lot of repetition of other psalms at the day hours. This might suit monks who like chanting for a long time at night!

  4. That's really helpful thank you very much.

  5. If you are interested in the monastic office, I have a couple of copies of the "Aestiva" volume of the breviarium monasticum (1930s). You could have one if you wanted.
    Fr Redman

  6. Dear Father...Thankyou for this very generous offer! If you're sure you can spare it, I would love a copy. Is it best if you leave your email address as a comment which I won't publish so I can email my address? Prayers, Charlie.