Wednesday, 3 April 2013

New lectionary approved for the Irish Diocese of Limerick!

Just as an example here are the readings from the OF for today:

From the Acts of the Apostles:

Peter played on their guilt
right up to the hilt,
when he cured someone crippled from birth
who was forty years old.
"I've no silver or gold,
but what is such currency worth...

"...against Jesus's name?
No longer be lame!"
The man hopped around in full view
while still holding on
to Peter and John
(who was, it appears, No. 2).

The effect was so stunning
that people came running -
was Peter a fully fledged prophet?
"My friends it's not I,
who was sent from on high
to show you such wonders! Come off it!

"This man stands on his toes
thanks to Jesus, who rose!
All right - you where badly misled
in deciding to plead
that Barabbas be freed;
but Christ's life-blood remains on your head...

" repent right away!
The definitive day
when God metes out His judgement, is near.
Declare that you love
the Father above..
We'll baptize you - that's why we're here!

From the Holy Gospel according to Luke:

Two servants of the Lord departed
for Emmaus; and once they'd started
(it was a seven mile trip)
a stranger sought their fellowship,
thought neither of the pair suspected
that he was Jesus resurrected!
"You're talking very earnestly,"
he said "please share your news with me."
"Don't tell me you haven't heard
about the things that have occurred!"
said Cleopas, one of the two.
"Sorry, I haven't a clue -
update me!" said the teasing Lord,
and out of them the story poured...
On reaching Emmaus, they said:
"It's getting late - we've got a bed
which you are welcome to tonight,
so come with us and have a bite!"
They brought the stranger to their place;
he took the bread and spoke the grace,
and broke it for them - and they saw
the Jesus they had known before!
He vanished, and the two of them
rushed straight back to Jerusalem...

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