Friday, 26 April 2013

Heaven and Earth: Extraordinary Mass Tonight in honour of the Holy Angels

Please try and make it if you can to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour on the Cannock Road this evening for what should be an Extraordinarily beautiful Mass honouring all the Holy Angels.

If you can't make it, remember to send your Guardian Angels.

Adoration, followed by Benediction, begins at 5.30.

There is so much we have to thank God's invisible helpers for, and so many hidden ways in which they guard and guide us each day. Tonight's Holy Mass will be a chance to honour them and join them in adoring and glorifying our Heavenly Father....

And who knows, there might even be some photos.....


  1. Friendly reminder: Remember the memory card this time!

  2. Dear Catholic Guy...yes! Maybe you could send your Guardian Angel a bit earlier to remind me to remember the memory card!! Prayers, Charlie