Friday, 19 April 2013

Extraordinary Extraordinary Form Mass Tonight 6.30 Our Lady's Cannock Road Wolverhampton!! You have to be there!

I think the post title says it all, really.
2 of my friends, servers trained by the awesome Friars of the Immaculate and the Institue of Christ the King in New Brighton are coming to serve,while I,hopefully having remembered to bring my camera, for once, will take some photographs.

Evidence that God is alive and with us even in the darkest parts of the Black Country!

If you can't make it, please send your Guardian Angels.

Laudetur Jesus Christus et Maria Immaculata!
And Thankyou Father Stephen.
(Photos coming soon?.....!)


  1. My GM will definitely be there. God bless Charlie.

  2. GM? Your grandmother?! Seriously, though, I think I know who you mean, Richard! and I think your GA would have loved it. I remembered the tomorrow. Funnily enough next week's 6.30EF is in honour of the Holy Angels, so a return trip could be in order.