Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Full in the panting heart of Rome,

With a difference. While Mom and Dad were in Rome, (I still need to add some pictures of that. Must ask Dad for them...) my sisters and I were in the Lake District with some friends. Among other things, just for example climbing 10ft high boulders, some of us went wading up to our waist in a river, in water-proof trousers and wellingtons (I was not in that group!), late night discussions about the horrors of grammar and some nice walks. Oh and did I mention that we composed a version of Full in the panting heart of Rome suitable for singing in a period of Sede Vacante!  Here is verse 2, just for example:

The golden roof, the marble walls,
The Vatican’s majestic halls,
The note redoubles, till it fills
With echoes sweet the seven hills
Chorus: God bless Cardinal Burke,
God bless Cardinal Burke,
God bless Cardinal Burke and make him Pope!

It was sung quite a few times, although not quite as many as this awful joke:
There once were two cats, an English cat and an French cat. The English cat was called One-two-three, and the French cat was called Un-deux-trois. One day they decided to have a race across the channel. Guess who won.
One-two-three won because Un-deux-trois quatre cinq!

It doesn't sound very good written down, but when you hear it for the first time, it sounds quite good... But by the 50th time it losing its edge...... Dad did record it on his phone, so when he gets back from work, I will try and put a recording of us singing it on here.

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  1. I wish I'd seen your version of Full in the Panting Heart of Rome in time, my lot would have loved to have sung it. I will tell them the cat joke though - that one's timeless :-)