Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A combination of ideas...

My last post was supposed to be a little bit longer, but being in north Wales with a very limited internet connection meant that the main part of my post ended up somewhere between the publish button and my blog. I might be able to find it somewhere, if I do, I will repost it. If not as I have totally forgotten what I wrote, it will stay wherever it is!
 Anyway moving on to my actual post. Seeing as King Richard III will not be getting a good Catholic burial, here is an idea I had;
(Of course, I have not ruled out the possibility of marching into York Minster or wherever with an army of Catholics led by a prominent blogger or one of two Bishops (Or both of them!), seizing the mortal remains of His Majesty, and taking them to the Birmingham Oratory, with Pontifical High Mass at the Faldstool (Or even at the Throne!!!) followed by the 5 absolutions... We can dream on..!) 
We get someone important to invite His Holiness, Pope Francis (Or His Holiness, Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus) to celebrate the traditional Requiem Mass for His Majesty, thereby killing two birds with one stone. His Majesty gets a Catholic 
Requiem Mass in the Extraordinary Form, and His Holiness (One of the two!) celebrates an Extraordinary Form Mass. I know that it would be a long shot, but it is slightly more likely to happen than my idea about how to solve the national debt crisis! If His Holiness offered to celebrate the Requiem Mass, whoever is organising the service could not refuse, could they? Oh and I forgot to mention, some of the Monks of Fontgombault Abbey would have to be invited to sing the Mass, the Requiem Mass sounds the most beautiful when they sing it, and get a different choir in to sing a couple of polyphonic motets!


  1. A sound plan, with you all the way Charlie.

  2. Hi Charlie
    I know it's not relevant to this post, but I note you are still claiming to be 13 years old when I understand you are actually 14. It is a well established English custom that one only 'lies' about one's age when one is over 21 years old!

  3. Dear Peter, I'm sorry...I try to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth...I just hadn't got round to updating! Does omission of information count as a lie?.....Hope you have a very blessed Sacred Triduum and that your leg is better now.

  4. Hi Charlie
    Happy Easter! Yes, my leg is fully healed now - thanks for asking.