Sunday, 17 February 2013

What in the world.... this meant to be?!

My birthday cake! (Which I made!!)
I will reveal what it is on Tuesday! (My birthday!)
Any correct guesses could receive a (mouldy?) slice in the post!


  1. It is a Papal Tiara! I clearly qualify for a slice, as I shall be receiving my free bus pass on 2 March. If you are unsure what age that is, you will need to multiply your age on Tuesday by 4.29

    Hope you have a great day - and don't let it go to your head - the tiara I mean - well, not quite yet!

  2. Thanks Peter!
    My maths isn't the best, but I guess that makes you 21?....And no, I won't let it go to my head...but I might have to eat my hat!!! Sorry that was terrible I know....

  3. A Papal Tiara! You can keep the cake, thanks for the offer though :) Happy Birthday to you, and may the blessing of Almighty God be with you forever!

    1. Thankyou! The cake probably looks a lot better than it tastes!!

  4. Actually Charlie, I claim the prize as it not only is a papal tiara but, if I am not mistaken, it is bears the motif of Pope St Pious X.
    Huzzah....the slice is mine!

  5. Dear Richard...and I had no idea His Holiness even liked jelly tots! Not just a slice, but the whole cake is deservedly yours! (That is, if there's any left after my party tonight!!)

  6. I seem to be having problems leaving a comment. Maybe this is because I am old, or maybe because I am abroad, or maybe I am just hopeless at leaving comments. But I am wondering if there will still be a slice for me on my return. It's cold here, and has been snowing. We had a lovely little trip out to the shrine at Lagiewniki this afternoon. I've done rather a lot of shopping, and worried about whether there will be a problem with Mr. Ryaniar's baggage allowance tomorrow evening. Still, we have clappers for the Missa in Coena Domini, and you can be assured of an immediate improvement in the standard of corporals. Vespers in the seminary was very lovely this evening, and tomorrow we will visit the Cathedral. And then one very important item for Father: Beetroot soup.

  7. Bad news, Father the cake has all gone!! In a guilty rush to get back to more Lenten observance we ate cake for breakfast lunch and tea! I do have a lovely book to show you when you get back, though! Although it sounds like you are heading for trouble at baggage control....I'm sure it will be worth it! Have a safe journey home.