Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Dome of Home!

The Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest now have their own website, newsletter and blog for St Peter Paul and Philomena in New Brighton. With apologies for the slight technical bloopers yesterday when I tried to post this, here is the link to

The JHNILM have also got more workshops planned for anyone interested in the Liturgy and liturgical music, including one in May, ICEL 'What we have done and what we have failed to do' by Msgnr Andrew Wadsworth, others include talks on priests and people singing at the same Mass, organ accompaniment and this Saturday, 19 th Jan. 'What is liturgical dancing Music?'.
There is also a questionnaire on their website to fill in, so courses can be tailored to suit specific needs, interests or requests, like primary school parties or parish groups.

Here is a great quote from Madame Cecile de Bruyere, Abbess of Solesmes and spiritual daughter of Dom Gueranger, from her book 'Spiritual life and Prayer'. It is from the last chapter, 'There is but one Liturgy'.

"If it came to pass that in some liturgical function the souls called to take part in it were all very near the perfection of their own private liturgical worship, that is to say, the highest reach of the spiritual life, the angels would, in the midst of such an assembly, well nigh think themselves in heaven. God's satisfaction would for certain be unbounded, and the radiation from such a centre would be the wonder of the whole world".

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