Monday, 7 January 2013

Seminarians not allowed EF.

As you can see over at Fr. Z's blog, seminarians are not being allowed to have the EF at Oscott College! Hang on, that's my diocese!!
 The good news is that one diocesan Priest started saying the EF Mass at the begining of Advent... And another Priest has now asked me to help him to learn how to say it too...But does the Diocese really want all of their vocations to start going off to the ICKSP and the FSSP, not to mention Abbey Notre-Dame de Fontgombault..?. And what exactly is taking up so much time on the Oscott curriculum that our future priests only have time to learn half the Mass?
 I do hope I don't upset Eccles,  posting a link to an article by Damian Thompson!!!

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