Friday, 20 April 2012

Breaking News!

On Wednesday afternoon I thought Mom took a little while longer than usual to bring Margaret-Mary back from horse riding...  It turns out that the horse she was riding on suddenly got spooked, bucked and threw her off sideways , her foot still caught in the stirrup landing full force on her elbow... (All these complicated terms!) Hence the break in today's news; a supercondula if you can take another technical term, with a very impressive x-ray to go with it. Following that there was a general anaesthetic a trip to the operating theatre and an overnight sleepover in A&E! All this is equivalent to a hotel spa break for Mom, but I don't think Margaret -Mary was so appreciative!
 We were supposed to be going to my cousin's party but the remaining girls and I went around half an hour late and Mom and Margaret-Mary missed it altogether. There was a moment's silence for them before we all tucked into some very delicious lemon drizzle cake which Maria and I had made earlier.
  You will be relieved to know Margaret-Mary is now recovering back here, amid piles of sweets and adoring little sisters for who nothing is too much far..! It will be a little while before she can go riding again, though...and yes, you heard right, she really has not been put off by the fact, the first thing she said back here was "It was a good job I didnt fall off til the last 5 minutes so at least I had most of my riding time".... Some people never learn....

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

St Expeditus

Happy Easter....I'm back!!!

It has been an amazing few weeks with so many beautiful Masses and services...thank you,God and thanks to the Fathers and Brothers of the Birmingham Oratory! You have probably already guessed that, of course, I never had my camera to hand when I needed it....

I have to blog to get in a mention of Thursday's saint, less well known here than in France, it seems, but who has been working overtime for us in the last few weeks.....The saint with the rather unlikely name. When we first discovered him, we thought his name was some kind of postal delivery service....but it turns out he's much more reliable than that!

Saint Expeditus was a Roman legionary... And he operates with predictable military efficiency. want something doing yesterday? Ask Saint Expeditus! He handles legal, financial and romantic enquiries...FAST! We kind of assumed ,with such an unusual name...he'd have what Mom calls a small case why don't you give him something to do? His feast is April 19th..Come on! You could let me know how he has helped you, favours received and all, in my comments section...Honestly, before your novenas to him are out, like on day 2 or 3 , you'll be thanking God for your new best friend. (How is your Latin?). He is pictured with a cross on which is written..."Hodie"..while trodden underfoot is a raven..symbolic of the devil...and the word cras...which my spell checkers stubbornly keep correcting to cars....

There is a website with more details here 

Update 14:11 GMT

For Mom's birthday, today she was given a statue of Saint Expeditus: