Thursday, 15 November 2012

Good hymns!!

Recently, a very good Priest gave me a copy of Hymns, by Father Fredrick Faber. It does not contain (as far as I can see!) any bad hymns... It has some great classics, like, Jesus my Lord, my God, My All. It has however got 9 verses instead of the usual 5. It has 9 separate hymns about Saint Philip Neri! (Well he was an Oratorian.) It has two versions of Faith of our Fathers, one for England, one for Ireland. The English one has the normal four verses, but the one for Ireland has 7! And he was born in England!


  1. I take it that Fr Faber was not the author of 'Kum ba yah'!

  2. No, Peter...strangely come by car does not make an appearance!

  3. Congratulations. It's a great book. The reason for the additional 4 verses in Jesus my Lord, is for use in processions - hence the verse "Ring joyously ye solemn bells"!