Monday, 1 October 2012

The Power of the Eucharist.....3

I think I may have reached the end of my research on the story for my reader commenting on the original post on the Power of the Eucharist. Having emailed FrRobert de Grandis ,the author of the book, Healing through the Mass, asking about the story I reported here, Father replied via his secretary that the original source for the story came from his good friend, the Franciscan priest Father Michael Scanlon, a professor at Steubenville University in the States. When I looked Father Scanlon up, it seems he has recently retired, and although I tried to contact Father at the email address for the monastery where he has retired to, I haven't heard back.It is Mount Assissi Monastery, Loretto, P.A. If anyone wanted to try and follow this up to get more details on the story, then, I would love to hear the results. I'm sure, now I have managed to trace the story to its accredited author, that, with a little time and determination, Father could be tracked down! There is a forwarding email address for Father Scanlon on a special retirement web page created for him at the main Franciscan Steubenville University good luck!!! And please let me know if you do manage to find out more details on the original story....for now, though, not wanting to hound a retired priest!!, I am going to leave it there....

 Just to finish with, though, how about another, very similar account, and equally unbelievable, on the same subject: see if you can guess who this one is told by...and on what occasion...
"He stretched forth his right hand as if to bless, and, whilst he did so, a brilliant light came from him, his words were luminous, the bread entered the mouths of the Apostles as a brilliant substance, and light seemed to penetrate and surround them all, Judas alone remaining in the dark."
Your turn to do the research! Any answers in the combox! I'll reveal all next post!

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