Tuesday, 4 September 2012

No Hope for the Catholic Church?

Anyone having any doubt about the future of the Liturgy in this country might like to know what I was doing today! Without giving too much away, I was privileged to serve a Novus Ordo Mass, where there were almost as many maniples as there were priests!
Afterwards, I stayed behind to act as server, while Father and 2 other priests from far flung corners of the Birmingham diocese began practicing the Extraordinary form of the Mass, while members of the parish prayed their Rosary. What can I say? The Fathers are coming along  nicely!! And one of them is already an experienced Deacon and Subdeacon. Average age of the Reverend Fathers?Young!!! Another such practice has taken place observed by a young seminarian.
As Fr Z says, "Brick by Brick"...though I'm not sure the Reverend Fathers would like to hear themselves described that way!!!

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