Sunday, 23 September 2012

An Ordination and the JHNILM Conference

Spent weekend at the beautiful ordination at the Birmingham Oratory of Father Roger Raven. His Grace , Archbishop Bernard Longley presided, I was mitre bearer. (I only found out after that the cross on my back would have been the arrow target in olden days...I may not have agreed to carry His Grace's 'hat', if I'd have known!..Has someone got it in for me?!)...
At the same time due to unfortunate timing, the JHNILM was holding its first conference and almost bilocating after Mass, mom whizzed the girls down to the Oratory Primary school for a singing lesson with Jeremy de Satge. Also unfortunately, this meant that the girls had not had anything to eat. "Whoops!", as Mom would say. A minor oversight. I dont think I'm exaggerating when I say that Mr de Satge apparently worked a minor miracle getting the girls to sing at all....they gave a short recital with some of the Oratory school pupils of Ave Regina Caelorum at the end of the lesson. I wasn't there, but Mom said the school pupils were really good, but that, without wanting to be unkind, there was a definite off tune sound coming from the general area where my sisters were standing...I did only say a minor miracle.
The good thing for Mom was that she completely forgot she was meant to be coming back for me as I had been in the queue for one of Father's first blessings after the Ordination. So, while i was hanging around the Oratory car park, she was being lured by the promise of a cup of steaming coffee, into one of the talks going on while the girls were in their lesson. So I should have said the two good things for mom, or even three, forgetting me, and as a result, coffee, sitting down, and a really good lecture by Ben Whitworth on the use and abuse of hymns in the Mass.(That's actually four). Knowing that Bara Brith  was there,she did say she was a bit distracted at times trying to work out who the famous blogger was out of the group that was there! She said it was areally good talk, refreshing, but a very interesting history especially of Cardinal Newman's active involvement in various attempts to introduce hymns into the Mass, and his reation when his own poems from The Dream Of Gerontius made their appearance as hymns. (He didn't approve!). To sum it up, hymns with meaningful word are really good, but the emphasis should be on using them more for devotional worship, processions and not straight after communion or as replacements for the sung propers  of the Mass. There was the idea of a new or old...collection being  put together of liturgical music for use in parishes. I somehow dont think "Colours of Day" would be in there, though!

Best line of the  talk, Mom said "There is a place for 'Shine, Jesus, Shine', but it's not in the Mass". Mr Whitworth did not specify where that place might be!

 I was thinking which other hymns might end up in such a place, and these sprang into mind: Colours of Day
                     Go The Mass is ended
                     Lord of the Dance....
             and Colours of Day
Feel free to add any other contenders in the combox!


  1. Hey Charlie - thanks for your kind wishes re our Turkish holiday. I rather fear that yesterday's hit was from me.....and the ten or so of today...also from me as I wrestle with a laptop!
    Bet you thought you had a conversion theme going! Sorry again, enjoying your blog, as always.

  2. Good post - glad your mum remembered to collect you in the end!

    My tope three hymns for the place that no one mentions

    How Great Thou Art
    I Watch The Sunrise
    Here I Am


  3. It's all coming back to me now...yes, there's "walk in the Light" as well and did I mention "Colours of Day"? Oh, no...I've just remembered "SIng it in the valleys"!!! Help. This was a really bad idea, I have to stop now!