Thursday, 2 August 2012

Back to blogging!

Sorry I have not blogged for so long hopefully I will write it a bit more often from now!
 Fontgombault was great and I really do have an excuse for not taking any pictures: you are not allowed to!! By the end of the week I was quite tired after getting up at 5am every day for Matins at 5:15! Also if you are planning on going to Matins if you go take something very warm as the church is freezing at that time in the morning, especially as you are sitting still for the best part of an hour! Immediately after that Lauds follows and it takes about half an hour. By the end of Lauds The church gets a little warmer... One of the nicest bits about Lauds is during the Benedictus  the bells of the Church are rung. Strait after Lauds, all the Fathers say their private Masses in two rounds. I served one of the Masses in the second round quite regularly. I think that all but two of the Monks say their Mass in the EF and the two that say it in the OF are quite old. After that there is a break till 8:30 when Prime is chanted. After Prime the guests eat their breakfast, the only meal which is not eaten with the Monks. (That also means that there is not a monk chanting in French!) After breakfast there is nothing until Terce followed immediately by the conventional Mass at 10:00. (They do some things a little differently, they chant the secret out loud, chant all of the Per Ipsum ect. out loud and a few other variations that Cardinal Ratzinger asked if they would mind doing when he went to Fontgombault before he was elected Pope. They do low Mass the same as always.) Then there is nothing till Sext at 12:50 followed immediately by lunch. I will write about what happens in the afternoon tomorrow.

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  1. Good to have you blogging again. I had a chuckle when I read about two monks celebrating Mass in the Ordinary Form - but they are quite old! I am pleased to say that my broken leg is healing well - though I am keeping off motorbikes for the time being! I hope you will tell us what the food was like at Fontgombault.