Monday, 2 July 2012

Power of the Eucharist...part 2

Thanks to a skeptical reader of this blog, I have decided to revisit the story about the power of the Eucharist which I posted a week ago. My reader pointed out that the details of this story appear frequently on various websites, always the same details, same words, practically, but with few concrete and convincing facts to back them up. So to reassure you of the quality control of this blog, this is to let you know I am working on checking this story out!! Is it just an "urban myth" going viral in cyberspace? Or did it actually happen and to who? Who is the lukewarm Catholic scientist who carried out the experiment? Did he really go through seminary and become a Catholic priest after this experience? You'll have to be patient as this could take a while, and initial research is not proving very fruitful.... There is, though, a more detailed account of the story here.... And here is an interesting article which reveals interesting invisible physical reactions picked up by infra red cameras from people reading poetry. If love poems can have an effect on the body seen by these cameras, it makes you wonder how much more powerful the physical presence of the Blessed Sacrament must be. As yet, though I haven't managed to unearth any similar articles on this subject. To try and get further information on the story, I have also emailed the author of the book where it originally appeared....I await his reply. Meanwhile, if any of you out there have any further information or leads on this, I would be very grateful if you could let me know via the com box.... I'll keep you all posted as soon as I find out anything more on this one!

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