Friday, 6 July 2012

Car Prayer

With summer holidays and travel plans over the next few weeks, why not test drive this car prayer. I'm not going to say anything about the inherent danger of driving with my Mom, but this prayer really does work! The only time since we have been using it (so far...!), that we have broken down, was on a journey from Surrey to Birmingham, and amazingly we drifted to a halt just outside the Oxford Oratory! (On the down side, the car was totally wrecked...). Note the rhyming couplets which aid memorisation!(Sorry...)
Before we take our place behind this wheel, we pray, Sacred Heart, guide us on our way Virgin Mary, Morning Star, from every danger guard this car And our dear Lord, Who gave us to enjoy, Grant its purpose be to save and not destroy. Amen

We are probably going to be using it this next week as we drive down to Fontgombault! Bonnes vacances a tous! (Sorry! Again...what's the matter with me?)!

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