Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Little bit of Pugin

With the great feast of St Peter and Paul heading our way soon, it seems a bit late to be rewinding to St John the Baptist in this post but it has been a John the Baptist kind of a week round here...water water everywhere. We drove to Mass through a deluge this morning and had to cross a torrent just to get into church..where Father was putting buckets out to catch the water raining in. Today's Gospel was about the wise man building his house on the rock....the rains came down and the floods came up. The sound of the rain belting down on the roof was getting louder. We were all glad we'd got that novena in last week. On the way home there were roads flooded and impassable, cars stranded and emergency service vehicles everywhere. We were greeted if thats not too polite a term,when we finally got back after several detours, by 2 very bedraggled looking cats who had been left out during the storm. They were clearly unhappy and will probably soon be filing a complaint. (Which is a polite term).
 On Monday, we went to help my uncle move to his new parish, St John the Baptist, which is where Pugin comes in. We nearly really helped Uncle Mike downsize when Mom left theboot of the van open as we set off for the motorway!! Fortunately, she realised before any of the contents had spilled all over the road. Please pray for him if you can, and for his new mission there. (my uncle, that is, not Pugin!...although, who knows, maybe he could also do with a few prayers...).The church is beautiful...designed by Pugin, with a beautiful High Altar almost still in tact...with just a little bit of work...hmmmmmm! After unloading we had a little tour and I served a private Mass. I did have my camera with me but guess what...forgot to take a single photo of the day!! Here is a picture of the church though.
 While we're on the subject of Pugin, you might still be able to catch Sunday's Songs of Praise here (you might want some earplugs, as some of the hymns are truly awful), the reason being it was all about Pugin. Disclaimer...I never ever usually watch this programme and I have no idea how I found out about this.
 Happy feast to everyone for tomorrow. I will be going (God willing)to the Shrine of Sts Peter, Paul and Philomena in New Brighton for the Solemn High Mass at 6pm, followed by Confirmations in the Extraordinary form, as a friend is being confirmed and Mom is her sponsor. So I will pray for all of you there.


  1. Hi Charlie!

    Many thanks for the link - I really enjoyed watching the recording. I broke my leg on Thursday, and so am watching rather more TV (or recordings) than usual with my leg being in plaster.

    However, I have to say that I thought all the hymns were fine. From your comments I assumed that something awful was about to be sung, but saw no need for any earplugs.

    I think the BBC should be congratulated for putting on such a good broadcast.

    Do please pray for my speedy recovery.


  2. Charlie, your wisdom at such a young age astounds me, young man! And quite frankly, intimidates me! I have plans to homeschool my children in the future and reading just a few of your posts gives me more inspiration to follow God's calling for me and my family. I commend your parents and truly admire your work. I will post a link of your blog in my Facebook as I hope and pray our pagan world would acquire some of the wisdom a 13 year old has to offer. May God bless your efforts in getting God's Word out to the world. God bless your family, too! Keep fighting the good fight!

  3. Dear Peter, I am so sorry to here about your leg, I will say a prayer for your speedy recovery at Mass today. How did you do it?
    Dear Catholic Mom, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I think Mom will be adding your blog to her online travels! I definitely recommend home education!! But Mom thinks it speeds up the ageing process!!
    Prayers Charlie

  4. Hi Charlie

    Thanks for the prayers. I was on my motorbike and skidded on the wet road - just outside the hospital!! I came off the motorbike and it landed on my leg - causing the fracture. I was 'blessed' being so near the hospital and received treatment within 15 minutes. Unlike your sister, I didn't require any surgery - just having the leg in plaster for 6-8 weeks. I am coping, but will be pleased when I can put some load on the leg again - i.e. put the foot on the floor.

    I was amused by your reply to the 'Catholic Mom' about homeschooling. Does you Mom think it speeds up the ageing process in the children receiving it, or to the parents giving it - or both?!

    God bless.


  5. Hi Peter, Have you got your motorbike blessed? I hope your leg gets better soon. When Mom talks about the ageing process she is only ever referring to herself!!

  6. Hi Charlie! From a mom's perspective, homeschooling is a big personal sacrifice and a very big responsibility, especially for moms who don't have a teaching background under their credentials. But please know that for a mom's (and both your parents') decision to homeschool, there is a great benevolent love for their children...way beyond this world. I'm sure you already know or feel this. :) God bless your parents for raising children to know Him!