Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pictures of the snow!

Sorry about the long wait, but here are the photos of the snow at last! I had some difficulty getting the photos on to the computer. Here they are:

The dogs enjoying themselves!

Me falling over!
Raph enjoying himself

Me managing to stand up again!
Me falling over for the 2nd time and Maria in hysterics!

My skid marks!

All of us together.

Mom falling down a hill!!!

It is easier to pull a sled on snow than ice! (I don't know why?)

Elizabeth in a field!

Dad trying to cross a partly frozen stream

Mom falling over on the ice!

Below are Dads attempts to cross a stream!

Dad falling in the stream!

Raph in the snow.

Mad dog!

He is slowly turning into a polar bear!

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  1. Hi Charlie, I've tagged you on a meme.
    God bless