Monday, 9 January 2012

Why home educate?

People often ask why we home educate and this is probably the main reason we have.

Hot chocolate!

With marshmallows...
Squirty cream...
And flaked chocolate!

After our recent diabolical failure with a certain IKEA flatpack we decided to face the week with a tried and tested recipe!


  1. This is all well and good - but what will you do when it's Lent?

  2. Good point we hadn't thought about that yet! We would be grateful for any suggestions!!

  3. Oh yes! I think that my lot would put hot chocolate pretty close to the top of their "Why we home educate" list as well! We do marshmallows and squirty cream, but haven't been decadent enough for flaked chocolate ... yet!

    As for Lent: hot milk with a dash of vanilla and a little sugar does the trick and is a *little* bit penitential...