Saturday, 7 January 2012

4 wise men?

Last night Mom read us the story of the 4th wise man (she was in tears by the end of it..and not just because it had been a busy day!!)

  Long ago in the city of Ecbatana, high among the mountains of Persia, there lived a man named Artaban. From a tower at the end of his beautiful garden Artaban used to study the secrets of nature, especially the secrets of the night sky. One spring night he and his three friends, Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, noticed a new star which shone more than any star they had ever seen.They knew this star signified the birth of a great teacher and they agreed to follow the star and pay homage to the child.

  Artaban made preparations for a long journey, taking with him a ruby, a sapphire and a pearl to give to the King of Kings. He was to meet his companions far to the east by the Temple of the Seven Spheres, at Babylon. But on the way he met a dying man and so arrived late at the temple. With his friends already departed and desperate to see the new born king, Artaban had to set off across the desert on a journey that would take him longer than he could have ever imagined...

  He ends up giving away the three precious stones he'd planned as a gift for the Baby Jesus, as well as being late for just about every possible significant event in the life ( and death), of Christ. So, for example, he finally arrives in Bethlehem as Herod's soldiers arrive and gives one of his jewels away as a bribe to a soldier to protect the mother and baby with whom he is staying.... Thirty three years later,he is entering Jerusalem during the season of Passover, where a young man tells him there is going to be a crucifixion....

  The little ones loved it, Frances even wondered whether Father Anton knew about this 4th Wise Man.

The picture book 'the story of the other Wise man' by Susan Summers is based on Henry van Dyke's 'The Greatest Gift'. the theme of both is how we can turn disappointment to good, through the power of faith; something we tried to do when keeping the Feast of Epiphany yesterday. We had a dilemma about it being on a Friday....Disobey our Bishops by eating meat? And yes I know we're all too young for it to apply..but we try anyhow.Mom tells us we are trying..Not to mention mortal sin...Be out of line with our Holy Father, himself offering Mass on the Feast of the Epiphany? Being Catholic has never been so hard as Mom kept muttering under her breath. Actually it probably has. The reformation springs to mind. But mom wasn't in the mood for debate.
  We opted for what mom always tells us lot is the unbeatable spirit of obedience, abstaining from meat but feasting on the beautiful solemn High Mass at the oratory...oh and did i mention the flat-pack , self assemble gingerbread house from IKEA? Mom said it didnt count as proper feasting as it was way too purgatorial to surprise there!!! Yes, you did read that right...a flat pack gingerbread house....complete with the usual instruction leaflet. I just had to take a photo and for once, my camera wasn't out of batteries...

Here are some of the walls and roof:


And a quick photo as it disintegrates.

WE all reckoned that IKEA gingerbread is actually surprisingly delicious.

Can you imagine what it was like to bring Elzabeth to Mass with ALL those sweets in her system??

 We said our rosary for our Holy Father
and all for his Bishops, asking that the three Wise Men (or were there really 4?) intercede for them all.

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  1. Great story Charlie, please thank your Mum for me.
    God bless. Richard