Tuesday, 10 January 2012

For all you bouncing bomb fans out there!

Last night, Mom and I watched the Dambusters! It starts off with Barnes Wallis firing marbles over a bucket of water in his back garden! (A bit like my Granddad  and I firing potatoes over the field behind his house with the potato canon we made... Another post perhaps...) But back to the film...Then it goes on to his struggle to get approval to make his bouncing bomb. The funniest part is when Barnes Wallis keeps on inviting people only for them to see all his prototypes dramatically fail! It is also amazing to see how hard he keeps on trying, wading out as soon as the tide goes out over the testing ground to feel with his bare toes for fragments of the exploded casing.
Finally he has to get the special squadron who are training to do the mission, to fly at 60 ft instead of the 150 ft they are used to. They manage to destroy 2 of the 3 dams in Germany but lose 8 of the 19 planes that are originally sent not to mention a good number of the pilots and navigators.

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