Thursday, 3 November 2011

Pictures of Rome.

Here are some pictures of Rome!
This is the view from the hotel window! You can see how close the metro is!

The Alps as we were flying over them.

The altar of St Gregory the Great where we heard Mass on the first day.

Inside the Vatican on the Vatican gardens bus tour

Saint Peter's from behind

Saint Peter's from the Vatican gardens!

A beautiful fountain in the Vatican.

The replica Lourdes grotto. The Altar is the original one from Lourdes
The statue of the Immaculate Conception.
The Altar from Lourdes.

Opposite to the Lourdes grotto.

A bit of mosaic somewhere in the Vatican gardens.
The full mosaic.
Another statue of Our Lady donated by the people of Pope Benedict XV home town.
Radio Vatican.
Some flowers and a tree trunk!
An icon of Our Lady.
A bridge over the Tiber

A view of Rome from the Dome of Saint Peter's up 571 steps. (I lost count after that!)

Saint Peter's square.
Looking up Saint Peter's from the bottom of the dome.


  1. Great to see your photos! I went on the Vatican Gardens bus tour a few weeks back so I recognised all the places. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures, Charlie! Can't wait to see your list of the 10 worst! I'm taking note for my trip, whenever I finally make it there!

  3. Laura: It's quite hard to take good photos from the bus!

  4. will have an amazing time no matter what you do...even if you just eat pizza there! Top 10 worst tomorrow I ran out of time today.

  5. Hi Charlie,

    Sounds like you had a fab time!
    Thanks for your prayers,


  6. Thanks for the lovely photos. I loved both your lists - Something tells me you're a fan of Pizza Napoli! :-)

  7. Yes, and all the heads in the way didn't help! I think my bus was more crowded than yours.