Monday, 21 November 2011

Pope Benedict meets Blessed Cardinal Newman

Last year my Granddad commissioned one of his many friends' sons who is an illustrative artist to paint a picture commemorating the Pope's visit to the UK to beatify Cardinal Newman.
 This is the result:
(This doesn't really do it justice).

(Please do not print this off !)

To raise some much needed money for the Oratory, I was wondering if anybody out there might like a copy to give as a Christmas gift. There are very few copies in circulation, but I can tell you that His Grace, the Archbishop of Birmingham, has got one!  The original hangs in the sacristy of the Oratory in Birmingham. His Holiness Pope Benedict was shown it on his visit there last year. (If you want to see a picture of the Pope looking at the picture go to page 18 of the following link: Private Visit to the Oratory of St Philip Neri.)
I can get you a copy of the picture for £20 P&P is included in that price for the UK! 50% of the profit will go to the artist and 50% will go to the Oratory.
If you are interested please leave a comment or e-mail this address:

Monday, 7 November 2011

Basketball with the Friars of the Immaculate

Yesterday we went to a Family day at the Franciscan friars of the Immaculate  at St Joseph's in Burslem. There were workshops (including a cartoon on Purgatory for the younger ones!!) for all the different age groups not to mention cake, biscuits and a game of basketball where Brother Peter took on about 20 children...and won!
He does have a slight height advantage and he is American, but some of the onlookers thought this probably didn't outwiegh the cheating that was going on on the other team...(net being held shut as Brother was coming to take a shot...3year old running off with the ball as Brother was coming to take a shot).....Fortunatelty, all this took place before confession, Adoration and Mass.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Downs of Rome!

By the way if you're reading this then I prayed for you in St. Peter's! (That's not on my list of downs!)

Downs: ( From worst to least worst.)
1. Dad and the girls weren't there... They would have loved it!
2. Too short a time there.
3. Not enough pizza napoli!
4. We didn't meet His Holiness!
5. Mom jumping in front of oncoming traffic all the time...
6. I was disappointed with the colloseum; it was really busy when we were there. (I had a dream it fell down last night as well...)
7. The Parthenon was really crowded and noisy. We couldn't find the Blessed Sacrament.
8. Our Italian needs some work! (Not sure whether some is the right word here...)
9. Having to go to an OF Mass on Saturday morning at St. Peters. Mom was worried as she could see no EF Masses going on at 7:45. I said we should wait for an EF Mass but she wanted to make sure we got to a Mass.
10. We had to come home.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ups and downs of Rome!

I just thought I would put down the top 10 and bottom 10 things we did in Rome!
1. EF Mass at the Altar of the Transfiguration St. Peter's 7:00am (ok time is not so good!)  Fr. Mark Withoos. (Thank you!)
2. St Paul's outside the walls. (An unexpected favourite for Mom. It was her favourite Major Basilica.)
3.Gesu et Maria on the Via del Corso, the ICKSP say Mass there every Sunday. It was their patronal feast on Sunday. Mass was beautiful with benediction with a ciborium after Mass! The Infant of Prague is beautiful.
4. Going up the dome in St. Peter's. There are some amazing views of Rome from the top. ( The number of stairs you have to climb to get to it is not so good!)
5. Pizza napoli everywhere!
Me eating pizza napoli!
6. The Vatican gardens bus tour. Very relaxing after all the walking plus the bus almost to ourselves. Also there is a 3 hour walking tour not so relaxing and the bus kept getting in their way!
7. Pizza napoli...
8. The Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel at night. No crowds, St. Peters by moonlight, lovely, beautiful, fantastic stunning... Did I mention the pizza napoli after that? (Mom couldn't have one because she's a pescatarian and it was a Friday). We had to wait between 45-55 minutes for it. We didn't get to sleep until midnight because of the wait! (Maybe this should be on the downs!)
9. San Clemente: 1 Church, 4 or 5 layers of history and a very nice ice cream shop across the road!
10. Chiesa Nuova;the Roman Oratory. It makes it on to this list because of St. Philip Neri's tomb.  We were actually a little disappointed with the rest of the church, which also has a versus populum altar..tut tut. We are actually just a bit spoilt because the Birmingham Oratory is so beautiful. From what we could see, Birmingham also has more people there for Sunday Mass.

The Downs will be coming up next post because I have run out of time!

Pictures of Rome.

Here are some pictures of Rome!
This is the view from the hotel window! You can see how close the metro is!

The Alps as we were flying over them.

The altar of St Gregory the Great where we heard Mass on the first day.

Inside the Vatican on the Vatican gardens bus tour

Saint Peter's from behind

Saint Peter's from the Vatican gardens!

A beautiful fountain in the Vatican.

The replica Lourdes grotto. The Altar is the original one from Lourdes
The statue of the Immaculate Conception.
The Altar from Lourdes.

Opposite to the Lourdes grotto.

A bit of mosaic somewhere in the Vatican gardens.
The full mosaic.
Another statue of Our Lady donated by the people of Pope Benedict XV home town.
Radio Vatican.
Some flowers and a tree trunk!
An icon of Our Lady.
A bridge over the Tiber

A view of Rome from the Dome of Saint Peter's up 571 steps. (I lost count after that!)

Saint Peter's square.
Looking up Saint Peter's from the bottom of the dome.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy feast day!

Happy All Saints day today! Their will be a low Mass at the Birmingham Oratory at 5:45pm today and tomorrow there will be a High Latin Mass at 7:30pm for All Souls day.