Thursday, 20 October 2011

Prayer intentions for Rome.

This time next week we will be flying to Rome! If anyone has anywhere that you would like me to pray for you at, just leave a comment and I'll take your intentions with me!


  1. Hi Charlie,

    Please pray for me and my intentions during your pilgrimage in Rome. If you have a chance... do go to SS. Trinità dei Pellegrini for Holy Mass. This is the only parish in Rome that celebrates all the sacraments in the Tridentine Rite. Below is a schedule of times that Holy Mass is held.

    May you and your family have a fruitful and blessed trip to Holy Rome. Pax et Bonum.

    Walnut Creek CA

    SS. Trinità dei Pellegrini
    Piazza Trinità dei Pellegrini, 1

    holy mass
    Sundays and Holy days of obligation
    9:00 am
    10:30 am (Solemn Mass)
    5:30 pm Chant of Vespers and benediction of the M.H.Sacrament
    6:30 pm
    Monday to Saturday
    7,30 am
    5:45 pm exposition and benediction of the Most Holy Sacrament
    6:30 pm

    Confessions are offered during the celebration of Sunday Mass, every day during the exposition of the Most Holy Sacrament and by request during the open hours of the Church.

    exposition and benediction of the most holy sacrament
    Adoration is offered on weekdays at 5:45 pm and every second Sunday of each month from October to May, after the Holy Mass. It is a full exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with a blessing afterwards.

    angelus, holy rosary and the litany of loreto
    Every day at 6:00 pm we pray together in Latin before the altar of the Madonna Auxilium Christianorum, brought to our church by St. Philip Neri from Palazzo Capranica in 1562.

  2. Aloha Charlie, I enjoy your blog - please keep it up!

    I volunteer at a hospice and would be so pleased, while in Rome, you would pray for all the dying, most especially those who have no one to pray for them.

    God bless you always.

  3. Melanie Bullivant23 October 2011 at 12:06

    Hi Charlie,

    Please could you pray for my Mum, Christine, who hasn't been very well for quite some time.
    Hope you enjoy your trip!
    God bless,
    from Melanie

  4. Dear Kevin, thank you so much for the information. We will certainly say a prayer for you there!

  5. Dear Anonymous...we will pray for the dying at your hospice and all who have no one to pray for them.

  6. Hello Melanie! I hope you have recovered from the Faith Summer Break!
    I will certainly pray for you and your Mom. We're hoping to get to some of the early morning Masses in St Peter's so we'll take your intentions with us there!
    Love Charlie

  7. I've only been to Rome once, I was and still am the only person in my family who had the opportunity to set foot in Rome, how I wish to live there one day! Needless to say, the most epic moment will be visiting the Vatican and seeing the Pope!

    If you would like to visit my blog and have a look at some of the photos I took during my pilgrimage, here's the link:

    Anyway, enjoy yourself, I hope your pilgrimage will strengthen your faith as it had mine! God bless :)

  8. Thankyou very much! I really like your photos!