Sunday, 30 October 2011

Four major basilicas and a pizza napoli!

Over the weekend we have seen all 4 major basilicas, we walked to St. Peter's, St. Mary Major and San Giovanni in Latereno and we caught the metro to  St. Paul's outside the walls. We also went up the dome in St. Peter's and on a bus tour around the Vatican gardens. (Thanks to Fr. Julian Booth for this one!) Also we went around the Vatican museums at night! (Again thanks to Fr. Julian Booth for this one!) Today we went to Mass at Jesu et Maria where the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest offer a traditional Mass on Sunday, for their feast! I have eaten a lot of pizza Napolis this weekend and Mom says that I will begin to look like one if I have any more!
I'll include all the other amazing things we've seen and done on the journey home tomorrow..if I haven't turned into a giant pizza, that is. Also, photos to follow (there are lots!).

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