Thursday, 6 October 2011

40 days for life.

On Monday we went to the Birmingham Oratory for the lunchtime Mass. After that we went to Calthorpe Clinic to say the rosary. Although there is no sign to say so,this is an abortion clinic. They don't seem to like advertising what they actually do, as on the website, the unborn babies are described as "products of conception." From now until the 6th November there is a prayer vigil outside for the "Forty Days for Life" campaign. If you want to stay 1 hour and pray outside between 8am and 8pm, here is the link to the website:


  1. Cheers Charlie. Just a post to say how inspired I am by your faith-fill blog. I am a priest in the United States near Washington DC. I wish I could inspire my own altar servers to create blogs like yours! All the best to you Charlie! Fr. Mark

  2. Thank you very much Father for your support. I have really been inspired by all the Birmingham Oratorians and also the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate in Stoke. I am really lucky to be able to serve at both of these places! Please pray for all the priests and brothers there.