Monday, 5 September 2011


My mom and I are going to Rome for a long weekend this October. Any recommendations for for places to stay (not to expensive!) and places to visit are very welcome!   


  1. Hi Charlie,
    my advice would be to stay as close to the centre of Rome as you can manage.

    Places to visit:
    It depends what you want to see, as you can only scratch the surface in a few days. But perhaps:

    The 4 major basilicas. By far the best time for St Peter's is early in the morning, when Mass is being celebrated at the side altars; after about 8.30 it's full of secular tourists.

    S Croce has the relics of the Passion. A catacomb would be good, but you'd probably need to catch a bus.

    San Clemente is a church with beautiful mosaics & interesting santuary fittings. Under it there are 3 levels of excavations, down to a pagan temple. Could be combined with a walk around the Collosseum (not worth going inside) & thru the forum. From there you could go to the Capitoline museum (has the amazing equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius) or down the hill to S Giorgio in Velabro (Cardinal Newman's titular Church).

    The Chiesa Nuova (Rome Oratory) is very near the Gesu (Jesuits, with relics of Ss Ignatius & Francis Xavier) & S Andrea della Valle (the Birmingham Oratory's altar rails & Lady Altar came from there).

    The Pantheon is marvellous (a good place to get take away pizza nearby) & also close by is S Maria sopra Minerva, with St Catherine of Siena's relics. It's also quite close to the Trevi fountain & the Piazza Navona, but they're at their best in the evenings.

    Then there's Trastevere, with the churches of S Maria (very old, with stupendous mosaics) & S Cecilia, if you can find it. Also very good restaurants. Then you could walk over the Janiculum Hill to the Vatican; see if you can work out which dome is which.

    Hope that helps,


  2. Thanks so much, Frank. We studied the cross mosaic at San Clemente today, at the home ed group... It looks amazing! Mom is very grateful for the mention of the pizza and the restaurants! I think we may have slightly different agendas for this trip...

  3. If you are in Rome early on a weekday, go to St Peter's first thing. Be there as soon as it opens (c. 7am), and remember that you will need to allow time to go through Security beforehand. When you are there early you will find the basilica empty of tourists, and very prayerful, and at many many altars there will be priests saying private Masses - some in Italian, some Latin, old and new rite. It is wonderful.
    Fr Alex

  4. Thank you so much Father, we will be there (God willing!)

  5. Hi Charlie, this is Sam Hartley from the faith summer break. We went to Rome a few years ago for new year. We had a really good time. We stayed in a holtel called the Invictus mom says thet it is not to expensive and it is quiet.I would recommend the Collesium and the Forum. They were very interesting and it was a very good day out. we also managed to get to vespers in St peters basilica.

  6. I am hoping to visit Rome myself this coming summer! Once you've completed your trip, I'd love to hear your travel advice! I pray for a safe journey for you and your mom.

  7. Hi Sam, thanks for the advice, vespers in St. Peters sounds amazing!

  8. Hi Texas USA, I will definitely put some travel advice up. Thank you for your prayers.