Friday, 30 September 2011

First Holy Communion.

 A week ago last Sunday, my sister Frances made her First Holy Communion at the Birmingham Oratory. Afterwards we went back home with family, Godparents and friends...and ate cake! We had some sandwiches but more cake than anything else; all this made possible thanks to a kind and brave aunt who was not afraid to loan us her kitchen the day before for the preparations. Most  people would be running scared if 5 children turned up at their house armed with the ingredients I had for my special Rocky Road recipe, top of the list being 1.4KG of chocolate! (We love you, Aunty Jo!) If anyone is still reading, I'll post some of the recipes we used later. That's not a threat, by the way!
 The week before there was the 40 hours devotion on at the Birmingham Oratory and Mom was worried because Frances hadn't got any white shoes or socks for the Big Day on Sunday and Mom also wanted to go to the 40 hours as well. Although Mom often says at times like these that she's working on her bilocation skills, she hasn't ever managed it yet, and the decision was that Adoration was probably more important than white socks and even shoes. So that was the week gone but I'm not sure how much time Mom spent in proper Adoration and how much time she was actually just asking Him to sort out the footwear problem for Frances.Well if she was, it really did work, because on one of the evenings Mom was walking back through the village and as she went past the little shoe shop (which never has shoes in the right size!) she saw some white sandals in exactly the right size in the window and went in to ask if they could reserve them for her. The next day when she took Frances to get the sandals she was a bit worried thinking there would still have to be a trip into town for the socks which we didn't have any time for, when, out of the corner of her eye some white knee high socks in Fran's size caught her eye! So Mom has decided that Adoration is definitely better than bilocation as she was always a bit worried that being in 2 places at once might have been a bit tiring or stressful anyway. Frances was also worried about her tooth which was one of her front ones which was really wobbly but wasn't coming out. She said it felt a bit funny and she was worried it might come out just as she was receiving Communion for the first time! So I think this may have been on her mind when we spent some time in the Forty hours. Well, guess what! Fran's tooth came out the night before her First Communion, so Jesus really did get everything sorted! We had the Gospel "Don't worry about what you eat or wear" as well, just to wrap it all up. As Mom says, (quoting , I think from a cheesy TV show she used to watch, (she does this a lot))..."I love it when a plan comes together!"


  1. much encouragement to continue with this great block
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  2. Thankyou, Angelo...grazias! But your English is better than my's better than my English actually!