Thursday, 4 August 2011

Praying with my littlest sister

My youngest sister Elizabeth can be quite hard to pin down when it comes to prayer time. Like dancing round the room when we 're singing the Angel of God prayer. One time she even managed to crack her head open on the piano when she was jumping off the corner of the settee. There was blood everywhere and we all ran out of the room screaming, leaving Mom calling after us for someone to bring some tissue!!! That prayer time ended up in A and E.
Elizabeth likes to get to the point in her prayers too, so her version of the Hail Mary is "Death Amen". Mom says Our Lady knows what she means.
The Rosary is a bit of a challenge too, so she has her own version of that: on the Our father beads, she says a little prayer like " Mary teach me to love Jesus" and then, on the Hail Mary beads " Jesus I love You" 10 times.
I guess that's not bad for a 5 year old.

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