Thursday, 11 August 2011

First time thurifer!

Before reading this try to saying first time thurifer three times quickly!
 That was me on Sunday! I got a crash course (not literally!) in how to thurifer about 1 hour before Mass that lasted 5 minutes... all went well (unlike the last High Mass at Corpus Christi!) At least it didn't set on fire as in this video! Mass was lovely; it was a solemn High Mass with Fr. Agnellus Murphy F.I., the Deacon was Fr. Christopher Miller and the Sub-deacon was Fr. Julian Booth.
A little girl, whose family we know, made her first Holy Communion, which made it even nicer! The party was in the presbytery afterwards and celebrations (which involved a lot of cake!) continued late into the evening...


  1. My son is eight and is learning to be a server. I will be sure to direct him to your site. And kudos for being such a well written young man.

  2. Thurifer is very hard to say three times!