Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Faith summer break!

Last week I went on the faith summer break with my sister and my best friend Owen. It was great fun! As I assured you before I went there was a Chasuble and a real Chalice! (In fact I was asked by Fr. David Standen whether it was good enough!) The theme of the talks was "On a mission from God" and all of them were excellent! There were 4 talks: the first was an introduction. The second one was God on a mission, which was about  how God originally planned to come down to earth as a Savior but after the fall He had to come down to earth as a Redeemer as well and to found the Church. The third one was about how the Church carried on God's mission. The final talk was you on a mission and it was about God calling you in a vocation and how we all have a general vocation which is to love each other and a private vocation which God has given each one of us.
 Meanwhile at Alton Towers Me, my sister and Owen were on a mission to ride some very scary rides. One of them was called Oblivion and it is the first roller coaster in the world to have a vertical drop in it! It was very, very scary!
Some photos will follow when Owen e-mails me his photos! 

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  1. Sounds great! So glad to hear the chalice lived up to expectations!