Monday, 29 August 2011

An epic mountain walk!

I'm writing this on Dad's Iphone in North Wales!
Yesterday we went on a very memorable walk, which should have covered 6 mountains but we only did 3 because of unforeseen reasons! (Such as low cloud, a 3 year old who refused to be carried and rain!) We decided to take what at the time seemed like a short cut. (It actually took 5 hours, a waist-deep encounter with a bog for my aunt which resulted in a new catchphrase"say goodbye to dry" and ended with a call to mountain rescue made by a very anxious Dad who had gone ahead to get the car a few hours before... it was canceled!) I got some lovely photos but (another excuse) I lost my camera on the walk and at the last minute I took lots of photos randomly on Dad's Iphone. Here are some of the better ones:

My best friend (who was with me on the faith summer break) took some photos with his camera. He will hopefully email me some pictures of the walk and also the retreat!
A post on the retreat will follow tomorrow!


  1. I hesitate to touch on a touchy subject, Charlie, but is this not the second camera that has suffered a mishap recently on a family holiday? :-)

    Better chain the next one up!

  2. Yes it is the second camera...
    (but the first one was my mom's!)
    A chain is a great idea!