Tuesday, 28 June 2011

No chasubles and was it really a chalice?

On Sunday evening I got back from a retreat. It was not the best one I have ever been on. The Faith Summer Break and the Saint Catherine's trust Summer School in my opinion are both better. ( I won't compare those two..) When we arrived at the retreat there was no Mass. The only Mass was on Saturday, a vigil Mass for Sunday and then there was not a chasuble in sight (could it have been the heatwave!?)  , just a stole and the chalice and the paten were pottery,
This is what the Catholic Encyclopedia has to say about it.
"According to the existing law of the Church the chalice, or at least the cup of it, must be made either of gold or of silver, and in the latter case the bowl must be gilt on the inside. In circumstances of great poverty or in time of persecution a calix stanneus (pewter) may be permitted, but the bowl of this also, like the upper surface of the paten, must be gilt."
So everything else was ok and all of the activities were good fun!


  1. You are quite right to question the use of a pottery chalice. The Church has said that they should not be used:

    "Reprobated, therefore, is any practice of using for the celebration of Mass common vessels, or others lacking in quality, or devoid of all artistic merit or which are mere containers, as also other vessels made from glass, earthenware, clay, or other materials that break easily." (Redemptionis Sacramentum n.117)

  2. Charlie - you might want to put on comment moderation so that you can check comments before they are published. Sometimes people write things that we really don't want to put on our blogs.

  3. Great to hear you are going on the Faith Movement Summer Break. My 3 eldest will be there too.