Monday, 20 June 2011

Fathers' Day

Yesterday (again!) after we got back from Mass, Dad cooked lunch for all 4 grandparents, us 5 kids, Himself and Mom! He did some pork for us Children, a bit of beef from Saturday night for His Mom and Dad and Mom's Dad and Mom did a risotto for Her and Her Mom who are vegetarians. After about an hour, a broken bottle of wine, and an incident with a recorder (not going into details...), they began arriving! 5 minutes later we began eating! It was one of the nicest meals ever and pudding was lovely. Lemon meringue cake, tiramisu and chocolate mousse with cream! After lunch we sat around talking and playing blind man's buff! At around 5 o'clock everyone went home and we had a lovely walk though the fields to end the day.

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