Friday, 24 June 2011

Corpus Christi

Happy Corpus Christi for yesterday!
I served for the high Mass at the Birmingham Oratory. There was quite a drama at the offertory, because the thurifer was ill and had to leave as the acolytes went to become torch-bearers... so the 1st acolyte became thurifer and I the boat boy/ 2nd thurifer became the 1st acolyte and then everything was "normal" until the end when there was the procession round the Church and I was 2nd thurifer as originally planned! At Benediction, the 1st thurifer and I got mixed up on our original sides so I was on the 1st thurifer's side and he was on mine but everything went ok!
At the end, I was asked to put out the candles but I could not reach the big six so I left them for someone a little taller to do! ( Hopefully they have been put out by now!)
The vestments were absolutely beautiful, the chalice was gold and silver and one of the nicest they have!

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